El Paso ECO Disposal Roll Off

El Paso Disposal- Roll-Off Services

El Paso ECO Disposal Roll-Off Services offer various open-top roll-offs and removal containers for construction waste to match up to the requirements of any waste-removal need for all El Paso construction sites, public clean-ups or events, and large businesses.

The roll-off services are suitable for both large demolition projects or small-home remodels. These services on offer from El Paso Disposal offers the most cost-efficient, safe, time-saving and convenient trash containment choice.

The roll-off services are inclusive of:

– Delivery, this includes the initial placement for the roll-off at the desired location

– Hauling, this service includes the transportation of the full roll-off to the closest landfill, followed by returning the empty roll-off back to the desired location

– Relocation, this service includes transporting a roll-off to a new location which is requested by the customer

– Cancellation, on completion of a project El Paso Disposal with complete the final haul for the roll-off container at the job site

Specification of the roll-off containers include the following:

– The size of the roll-off containers ranges from 20 to 40 cubic yards

– The weight limit for a roll-off container cannot exceed 20,000 lbs

– The minimum overhead-space that is required is 21”X 9”

– The minimum space that is required for the delivery of the roll-off container is 60”X 12”