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Commercial El Paso ECO Disposal Services

With their excellent waste-pickup schedules, professionally trained staff and high-quality equipment, thousands of residents trust El Paso ECO Disposal when it comes to maintaining a clean community.

Economical, efficient, professional along with reliable private trash collection services form a vital aspect of improving the lives of these communities. With pickup schedules that are flexible and various container sizes, the company also customize their Greater El Paso County trash services in accommodating the unique disposal and collection requirements of each household.

Roll-Off services Residential

El Paso ECO Disposal offers roll-off containers for residential purposes that provide a safe and convenient way to contain construction and demolition items in large amounts. These services are ideal for residents that have a renovation or demolition project planned for their homes.

Commercial Containers

El Paso ECO Disposal offers commercial clients with the best advice when it comes to deciding on Roll-Off container sizes along with how frequently they will require these services to match up to the budget and needs of the business. Containers for commercial trash range from 20 to 40 cubic yards. The recommendation on the right size is according to the waste amount that the business typically generates. When it comes to customizing a commercial-waste removal, these experts rely on their professional knowledge and industry standards to offer the best solution for each business. The professional staff at El Paso ECO Disposal will also assist their commercial customers in finding the best location for their commercial-trash containers waste materials Commercial

For environmental, legal as well as safety reasons, there are specific waste materials which are not permitted in the recycling and front-loading trash containers.

Commercial waste regarded as acceptable include:

– Medical garbage that is non-hazardous

– General trash related to the business

– Food-service waste

Commercial waste regarded as unacceptable include:

– Hazardous waste

– Electronics

Recycling materials Commercial

The acceptable recycling materials include:

– Containers for redemption value drinks

– Phone books and catalogs

– Brown paper bags

– Mail and clean paper

– Shoe boxes and cereal boxes without liners

– Corrugated cardboard

– Magazines and newspapers

– The shredded paper that has been bagged in clear plastic bags, but no confetti

– Paperback books

– Jugs, jars and plastic bottles without caps

– Margarine and dairy tubs with no lids

– Tin or steel cans

– Aluminum Cans

– Foil or aluminum foil baking pans

Commercial Waste Compactor Freight Services

For the businesses that generate high volumes of solid compatible waste such as grocery stores or hotels, the Eco El Paso Disposal compactor units are able to save space, decrease the frequency of pickup and cut back on the collection costs associated with commercial waste.

Dependent on the type of materials, these compactors are able to reduce the waste volume by as much as 80% with virtually no handling. This means that one unit is able to contain 400-cubic yards before the process of compaction, which equates to around 200 trips of a standard pickup truck removals.

Some of the main features of trash compactors include:

– Reduces risks associated with fires

– Controls Odors

– Reduces scavenging associated with open containers

– The trash is no longer wind-borne

– Decreases the issues of rodents and insects

– No labor is needed to break apart boxes

– Prevents the risks associated with unauthorized use with these containers

– Dramatically saves outside and inside space for storing waste

El Paso ECO Disposal- Roll-Off Services

El Paso ECO Disposal offers various open-top roll-offs and removal containers for construction waste to match up to the requirements of any waste-removal need for all El Paso construction sites, public clean-ups or events, and large businesses.

The roll-off services are suitable for both large demolition projects or small-home remodels. These services on offer from El Paso Disposal offers the most cost-efficient, safe, time-saving and convenient trash containment choice.

The roll-off services are inclusive of:

– Delivery, this includes the initial placement for the roll-off at the desired location

– Hauling, this service includes the transportation of the full roll-off to the closest landfill, followed by returning the empty roll-off back to the desired location

– Relocation, this service includes transporting a roll-off to a new location which is requested by the customer

– Cancellation, on completion of a project El Paso ECO Disposal with complete the final haul for the roll-off container at the job site

Specification of the roll-off containers include the following:

– The size of the roll-off containers ranges from 20 to 40 cubic yards

– The weight limit for a roll-off container cannot exceed 20,000 lbs

– The minimum overhead-space that is required is 21”X 9”

– The minimum space that is required for the delivery of the roll-off container is 60”X 12”

The payments for commercial, residential and roll-off services will be arranged for each customer. Payments that are acceptable include:

– Checks

– Online Bill Pay

– Bank Account payments from either a checking or savings account

– Debit card or credit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express

– Customers are also offered the option of calling (915) 471-3458 in order to finalize payments through their interactive-voice service

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